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How do concrete countertops compare to granite and quartz?

  • Granite and quartz are generally more shiny, formal and have a limited selection of possibilities.


  • Concrete typically has more of a matte finish and has endless design possibilities.  


  •  Installation, maintenance and long term durability are all very similar to each other.


  • Scratch and stain resistance are very similar. Please note this is generally predicated on the sealer used, not the concrete itself.


  • Concrete is made from scratch, using the finest raw materials and is completely custom; no two projects are going to be exactly the same!


  • Concrete exhibits natural beauty rather than machined perfection. We believe that the subtle variations  in color shade and texture are concrete’s greatest advantage over other materials as it represents the blending of raw materials and craftsmanship that defines us.

  • Granite and quartz are generally more shiny, formal and have a limited selection of possibilities.

How much do concrete countertops cost?

  • Concrete countertops are similar in price to the highest end countertops like granite, quartz and marble. Our countertop pricing starts at $125/SF and this includes installation.

How long is the process and what can I expect?

Our process begins with a free in home consultation where we explain in detail our products and services offered. Samples and design options are explored and you can either select one of our styles already developed or we can work with you on a custom color and design development.

The entire casting process takes place in our climate controlled shop, which allows us to create superior products and protect your home from the mess.

  • The approximate lead time from templating to installation is approximately 3 weeks.


  • Templating begins after all cabinets and appliances are installed and typically takes less than 1 day.


  • We then create a custom form around the template.


  • A proprietary mix design is then developed, batched and mixed for your project.


  • Depending on the pour method, the concrete is either sprayed or wet cast into the forms.


  • After the concrete has cured adequately, it is removed from the forms and wet polished.


  • It is then acid washed and grouted to fill in any pin holes, this generally takes at least 2 rounds.


  • After grouting, the concrete is then acid washed and neutralized again, removing all residue.


  • Once the piece has dried, sealing then occurs using the highest quality polyurethane sealers on the market which are extremely scratch and stain resistant.


  • A few days after the piece has been sealed, it will be installed, this generally takes less than 1 day

  • If you have questions or are ready for a consultation, call 253-228-6295 or e-mail justin@ArcDecoConcrete.com     

Why Work with Us?

  • We care and take pride in our work and reputation

  • We offer a level of customer service and design involvement that is unparalleled

  • We are a small family owned business who provides quality products and takes care of our employees

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